The birbynė is a traditional instrument found only in Lithuania. It has a single reed attached with a tightly wound string and is typically made out of maple or cherry wood cured in hot oil or resin. The lower end is fitted with a flared cow horn. The most commonly used modern version has ten finger holes and a register key. The bore is neither quite cylindrical nor quite conical, which allows it to overblow at an unprecedented tenth. These physical traits result in an instrument capable of producing a warm rich sound close to a human voice, an Asian flute or the Armenian doudouk, making it well adapted to contemporary compositions.

Toucher l’Air (2019) 21′ by Jürg Frey

As far as will fill up the time (2016) 10′ by Zad Moultaka – commissioned by Radio France

Sei studi di vertigine (2015) 14′ by Nadir Vassena  – commissioned by the Archipel Festival

Arbōs (2015) 9’ by Janis Petraskevics – commissioned by the Archipel Festival

OCCAM III (2012) 20’ by Eliane Radigue

Billows (2009) 20′ by Carol Robinson – released on PLUSH

Day / Light Times (2008) 10’ by Carol Robinson – composed at Civitella Rainieri